China bacterial infection outbreak Brucellosis vaccine leak biopharmaceutical plant thousands infected –

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Bacterial infection outbreak in China. (Representational image)

After coronavirus, a large number of people in China are now being found positive for a bacterial infection in one of its Northeast regions. The spread of the infection is taking place after leak in the biopharmaceutical plant which produces Bacterial Vaccine. Reports say that so far close to 3,300 people out of the popullation of 30 lakh have already been infected by a disease called Brucellosis.

How bacterial infection Brucellosis spreads

Also called Malta or mediterranean fever, people can catch this virus from aniamls or animals produce. Some of the symptoms of Brucellosis are fever, headace, pain in joints. 

Does it spread transmit from human to human

According to Chinese authorities, the infectio does not spread from a human being to another. So far, over 22,000 people have been screened for the infection ouf of which over 1,400 have been tested.

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