IIT-K develops new micro porous film –


IIT-K develops new micro porous film

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, has developed a elastomeric film that has multiple uses. Developed by Dr Tushar Deshpande, who has done doctorate in chemical engineering, the film can be used as a bandage to prevent a wound from getting infected. It will also speed up healing by aiding tissue building around the wound. It allows air to pass but no virus.

Deshpande said the film can also separate petrol from water. “The film doesn’t absorb any liquid and has been made with polydis methyl siloxin, ethyl acetated and water and its thickness is 150 microns.”

The film has been patented. Its cost will be equal to the prevailing film.

Dr Deshpande said it could also be used in making personal protection equipment (PPE) kits to prevent coronavirus infection. The film will also be effective in making tissues of other organs, including heart, liver and brain.

So far, bandages are made from PBC, polyethylene, polyurethane and lerix film, in which such small holes can’t be made.

Dr Deshpande, who works as assistant professor in KBC North Maharashtra University, collaborated on this project with Prof Ashutosh Sharma, project associate Yogesh Singh, Dr Y.M. Joshi and Dr Sandeep Patil of IIT-Kanpur.

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