Malaika Arora on her battle with COVID-19 –

Even as COVID-19 continues to surge across the world, there are many who still believe that the virus doesn’t really afflict the young and healthy. While COVID-19 carries greater risks for those with preexisting health conditions and age, it can impose problems for those who are young and healthy as well.

The WHO, too, has warned the younger generation to not be too complacent in their actions. Researchers have also revealed how high hospitalization rates have been reported amongst people below the age of 40 in India.

After actor Harshvardhan Rane, 36, revealed that he required ICU admission and oxygen support, Malaika Arora has now opened up about how COVID-19 really tested her in the past month.

Malaika, 47, tested positive for COVID-19 in the middle of September. While the actress only suffered from “mild” symptoms and was put under home isolation, the two weeks isolation time was excruciatingly tough for her, mentally and physically.

In an interview with a health portal, the ace dancer and reality television judge spoke about the challenges she encountered, which baffled her. While Malaika is one of the fittest and healthiest celebrities, her brush with the virus made her realize how much distress her body was in.

“I think everybody was really shocked and kept telling me ‘you’re someone who is so fit, how did you get covid? I think that’s a myth.”

The most exhaustive thing for her was to stay away from people during her quarantine period, which she terms as the “strangest” thing:

“You are so unwell! If you’re asymptomatic, then it’s fine. But if you have symptoms, it’s a huge challenge because you have to take care, be vigilant… it’s not something you can deal within two to three days, the time period is 14 days, which is a long time. But it’s important to stay calm and be positive,”

The vegan yogini, who co-owns a chain of yoga studios also shared that some of the symptoms she encountered include loss of smell and taste, sore throat, for which, she made use of a lot of home remedies and steam inhalation.

The mother of one also credits her daily exercise regime, along with meditation to speeding up recovery.

“In those 14 days, I knew how weak I was, it was so difficult to go back to things I was doing every single day of my life. I started jogging and running a little, just to see whether my body was weak, or my lungs were able to take it. If you have the energy, a little bit of yoga or breathing exercises are good. I also tried to religiously sit in the sun every morning for 40 minutes, and that really helped. We have age and health on our side, that’s why people insist on doing some form of physical activity is a must. I feel that part of me really helped me to recover. All I would say is don’t take covid for granted even if you’re fit,”

Battling post-COVID symptoms

While Malaika has slowly and gradually resumed a normal pace of life, there are still some symptoms which continue to linger. Weakness and fatigue, two of the most commonly present symptoms affected the 47-year-old post recovery. However, determined to challenge her body, the former model took up exercising to “test” her body, which she feels helped her greatly.

Hair loss is something that impacted her greatly, and she also took to Instagram to share natural remedies which are helping her get back.


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