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Madhya Pradesh is tenderly called India’s heartland. Accounts have thrived here, and different societies advanced. From artistic creations in ancient caverns to light fixtures in legacy “havelis,” it’s everything here. Be that as it may, it’s the natural life of this focal express that holds its very own selective appeal. It was the enchantment of Kanha and Pench National Parks that propelled Rudyard Kipling’s, “The Jungle Book.”

The national parks of Madhya Pradesh are a treasury of natural life. The subtle deer keeps running for his life, the glorious tiger sits tight for his prey. The mind boggling untamed life is coordinated by the rural scene which weaves its enchantment on the whole gang. From the minute a guest sets in the air in these parks, shocks anticipate him in bounty. This blog brings you 7 Famous Wildlife asylums and National Parks of Madhya Pradesh which merit visiting.

Bandhavgarh National Park – The tiger’s lawn!

When you enter Bandhavgarh National Park, you enter the tiger’s region! This park is famous for facilitating the most astounding thickness of Royal Bengal Tigers on the planet. Here, you can see this sublime monster at short proximity. An uncommon fascination here is the white tiger. This park is home to around 37 types of warm blooded creatures, 250 types of feathered creatures and around 80 types of butterflies.

Aside from natural life, this astounding park is likewise a position of chronicled and fanciful noteworthiness. It follows its history back to 2000 years. It’s said that the Bandhavgarh Fort found here was a blessing from Lord Rama to Lord Lakshmana. One can likewise finds different man-made caverns with engravings and shake artistic creations here.

Stay alternatives:

There are various facilities accessible close Bandhavgarh. A portion of these are, Tree House Hideaway Bandhavgarh, Syna Tiger Resort, Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh and Jungle Mantra Bandhavgarh, next to other people.


Visit the 65ft long symbol of Lord Vishnu set on a level plane on a seven-headed snake at Shesh Shaiya. Meander the remains of the 2000 years of age Bandhavgarh Fort. Three Cave Point and Badi Gufa are a portion of alternate spots worth visiting.

Step by step instructions to reach:

Via air: The closest airplane terminals are the Khajuraho Civil Aerodrome (250km) and the Jabalpur Airport (190km). Both are very much associated with real urban communities like Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Via train: The nearest railroad stations are Umaria (37km), Katni (100km), Jabalpur (190km) and Khajuraho (250km). These stations are very much associated with real urban communities.

By street: You can reach Bandhavgarh by state or private transport transports from Umaria (37km), Jabalpur (190km), Katni (100km) or Khajuraho (250km).

Pench National Park – Sher Khan is standing by!

You’ve seen the brutal “Sher Khan” in films and kid’s shows, isn’t that so? At Pench National Park, you get the opportunity to see the genuine “Sher Khan” in real life. This is the place people come in close contact with energizing natural life. No big surprise, Rudyard Kipling picked this place as the foundation for Mowgli’s experiences.

Situated in the southern compasses of Satpura run, this park protects more than 285 occupant and transient feathered creatures. Additionally, it has been a piece of Project Tiger since 1992. Other than tigers, it’s likewise home to jackals and a noteworthy number of panthers. One of the specific attractions of this natural life haven in Madhya Pradesh is “Collarwali.” In 2011, she picked up across the nation fame when she brought forth a litter of five whelps. Beforehand, she had brought forth an aggregate of 22 fledglings in six litters, setting a record-breaking record.

Stay choices:

Housing are accessible at Baghvan Hotel Pench, Tuli Tiger Corridor, Jungle Home Resort and Spa, Mriganaynee Green Resort, Tiger N Wood’s Resort and Mahua Vann.


Invest some energy at the Pench Reservoir. To detect the slippery panther, make a beeline for Piyorthadi. Beautiful perspectives of the Pench River can be had from Sitaghat.

Instructions to reach:

Via air: Sonegaon Airport, Nagpur is around 92km from the recreation center. Nagpur air terminal, associated with Delhi, Mumbai and significant urban communities, is additionally the nearest air terminal.

Via train: Nagpur (92km) and Jabalpur (192km) are the closest railroad stations. Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Bangalore and Delhi-Bilaspur trains stop at Nagpur.

By street: NH 7 associates the Pench National Park to Nagpur. The drive time from Nagpur is 2 hours and from Jabalpur is 4 hours.

Kanha National Park – Land of the tigers!

Rambling crosswise over, Kanha National Park is undoubtdly one of the renowned natural life asylums in Madhya Pradesh. Here, one finds the superb Royal Bengal Tiger in wealth. Otherwise called Kanha Tiger Reserve, it’s acclaimed all inclusive for sparing the Barasingha from elimination. National Geographic shot its honor winning narrative show “Place where there is the Tigers” here.

Aside from tigers, panthers, wild mutts and Barasingha are likewise found in great numbers here. Moreover, this awesome park is the dwelling place 350 types of verdure and fowls. A headstone raised out of appreciation for “Lapsi,” a specialist seeker and guide, is a well known spot here. Otherwise called “Lapsi Kabar,” it praises his brave soul. Peruse More

Stay alternatives:

There are a scope of lodging accessible for the travelers. A portion of these are Tuli Tiger Resort, Mogli Resort, Baghira Jungle resort and Krishna Jungle Resort.


Make a beeline for the Sonf Meadows to see Barasinghas in incredible numbers. Another popular spot for tiger spotting is Kanha Meadows. Respect the magnificence of the Sindoor trees found here. Visit the Kanha Museum for picking up a comprehension about ancestral culture. Invest some energy by the shores of Shravan Tal, a lake having fanciful centrality. This lake is referenced in Ramayana as where Shravan Kumar came to fill water for his folks.

Step by step instructions to reach:

Via air: The closest airplane terminal, which is Jabalpur air terminal (170km), is all around associated with every single significant city.

Via train: The closest railroad stations are Bilaspur (175km), Gondia (127km), Jabalpur (214km), Nagpur (280km) and Raipur (216km).

By street: The closest urban areas are Jabalpur (165km), Raipur and Nagpur. Jabalpur and Nagpur are on NH 7 which interfaces Varanasi to Kanyakumari.

Madhav National Park – Natural Treasures!

Madhav National Park once filled in as the chasing ground of Mughal rulers and Maratha imperial families. This park charms itself to its guests by its astounding lakes, just as widely varied vegetation. It has been named after Madho Rao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior. Without a doubt, it’s outstanding amongst other spots for spending a natural life occasion in Madhya Pradesh.

The dry and deciduous thistle timberlands are home to different impalas like Nilgai, Deer and Chinkara. Sakhya and Madhav Sagar, the two lakes, bolster a rich assortment of avifauna. One can spot feathered creatures like white-breasted kingfisher, purple sunbird, transient geese oriole, and so forth. Guests are enthralled by sightings of different creatures like tigers, hyena, sloth bear and so on.

Stay alternatives:

One can discover a scope of lodging here. These incorporate Usha Kiran Palace, The A-Park Hotel and Clarks Inn Suites, Gwalior, among others.


Visit the George Castle. Worked in 1911, it offers astonishing perspectives of the lake. Appreciate drifting at Sakhya Sagar Lake. Investigate the different wood lodges and tree houses spotting this hold.

Step by step instructions to reach:

Via air: The closest airplane terminal is Gwalior which is 130 km away. Prepaid taxi administrations are accessible from the air terminal to Madhav National Park.

Via train: The closest railroad station is Jhansi (100km). Jhansi is all around associated with significant urban areas in India, including Delhi and Bombay.

By street: State transport, just as private transports, interface Madhav National Park to adjacent urban areas of Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Jhansi, and Ujjain.

Satpura National Park – Elephant safari calls!

Satpura, in neighborhood dialect, means “the seven mountains.” This park spreads over a zone of 1,427sq. km. Its rough territory and picturesque scenes charm it to guests. Limited chasms, brilliant cascades, thick timberlands, sandstone tops and captivating valleys – it’s everything here! It’s the dwelling place grand tigers and a few other basically jeopardized species.

Taking an elephant safari is the most ideal method for investigating this territory. The exciting rough ride brings you into the core of the timberland, other than following slippery tiger trails. One should visit this park amid the long stretches of November to March to watch uncommon transitory fowls in real life.

Stay choices:

Visitors can discover a scope of lodging at Satpura National Park. These incorporate Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, Forsyth Lodge, Tawa Resort and so on.


Take the Tawa Churna journey and safari. Appreciate an engine voyage on the backwaters. Investigate the crude wild and quietness of Madhai, a held backwoods.

Step by step instructions to reach:

Via air: The closest airplane terminal to Satpura National Park is Bhopal city (190km). It has non-stop flight availability with Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and so forth.

Via train: The closest railroad station to Satpura National Park is Sohagpur (20km).

By street: Satpura National park, near Pachmarhi slope station, is very much associated by street from urban communities like Bhopal, Jabalpur, Chindwara and Nagpur.

Panna National Park – Mesmeric sights!

Any natural life visit in India would definitely include a visit to Panna National Park. This awesome park is a desert garden of peacefulness, other than being fantastically beautiful. It is possessed by in excess of 200 types of winged creatures. A portion of these are the bird of prey hawk, lord vulture, nectar scavanger and so on.

Other than different sorts of avian, Panna National Park is likewise home to an energizing natural life. These incorporate tigers, panthers, chitals, chinkaras, nilgais, sambhars and sloth bears, among others. Other than valuing its verdure, visitors likewise visit this place to wonder about the archeological brilliant qualities. The Ken River, which courses through the wilderness, has crocodiles, gharials and other intriguing oceanic fauna.

Stay alternatives:

Travelers can look over an assortment of lodging. These are, Hotel Chandela, Hotel Ramada, The Lalit Temple and Hotel Clarks Khajuraho.


Visit Pandava Falls and Caves, a place related with folklore. Visit the adjacent sanctuaries like Jugal Kishoreji Temple, Baldeoji Temple, Mahamati Prannathji Temple and so forth.

Instructions to reach:

Via air: The closest air terminal is Khajuraho (27km).Via train: The closest railroad station is Jhansi (176km). It appreciates availability to every single real city of India.

By street: Located on NH 75, the recreation center is very much associated with the adjacent towns and urban communities like Jhansi.

Van Vihar National Park – Inspiring biodiversity!

Van Vihar National Park is one of the 7 Famous Parks of Madhya Pradesh. Situated in the Bhopal locale, it was pronounced a national park in 1979. Your untamed life occasion in Madhya Pradesh ought to include a visit to this zoo.

This great park is a fortune place of biodiversity. One can discover very nearly 200 types of winged creatures and around 60 types of butterflies. It’s the residence creatures like Albino Sloth bear, White tiger, Lion, Sambhar, Cheetal, and so on. Moreover, one can discover crocodiles, gharials and a few types of tortoise here. Flying creatures are another significant fascination of this place. Peruse More

Stay choices:

Extravagance facilities close to the recreation center are accessible for guests. These are Hotel Lake View Ashok, Shyama Hills Bhopal, Sayaji Hotel Bhopal and Jehan Numa Palace Hotel.


Investigate the rich untamed life in the recreation center. Appreciate the astounding greenery encompassing the district. Visit adjacent regions like Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Sanchi Stupa and so on.

Step by step instructions to reach:

Via air: The closest airplane terminal to Van Vihar National Park is Bhopal air terminal (15km). It’s all around associated by street to Van Vihar National Park.

Via train: The closest railroad station is Bhopal (6km). It is all around associated by street to Van Vihar National Park.

By street: This park is all around associated with all the significant urban areas street arrange.

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