UP Govt to Open State’s First Detention Centre for Illegal Foreigners in Ghaziabad –

Uttar Pradesh’s first detention centre for foreigners will be opened in Ghaziabad’s Nandagram soon, according to reports. A building maintained by the Social Welfare Department will be converted and a proposal on the same has been sent to the Centre for approval.

The detention centre will be an open jail for those foreigners who violate visa laws and will have a capacity of 100 people. Basic facilities will be available to the detainees and those who complete their sentence and await the process of being sent back to their home countries will also be required to stay at the premise.

The construction work of the facility had been completed; however, some intermittent work has been halted due to Covid-19 crisis. The Yogi Adityamanth government had proposed to convert two already built Ambedkar hostels into detention centres as the properties have been closed and lying vacant for the past few years.

According to information received from the social welfare department, security has been strengthened and will have barbed wires across the parliament.

Detention centres are built under the Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines for foreign nationals who violate the Foreigners Act, 1946 and the Passport Act (Entry into India) Act, 1987. There are currently 11 such centres in the country. Assam has six detention centres, while others are in Delhi, Goa, Rajasthan, Punjab, Bengaluru.

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